the health system faces in ensuring that the patient and public voice is heard and acted upon by the ward to the Board. The intention is to place patients in the centre of care capturing patient experience, making use of the best mechanisms available.

The Customer Services Strategy supports the newly clustered NHS Midlands and East focus on the Patient Revolution and strives to consistently measure how patients feel about the care they receive.

The Friends and Family test facilitates patient feedback by posing the clear question, “would you recommend this service to your friends or family” to a minimum of 10% of patients. This clear and concise question enables Trusts to clearly see where the problems lie and implement concrete change for the better.

The Strategic Projects Team continues to play a pivotal part in the implementation of this revolution in patient experience. Andrew MacPherson, Director of Customer Service Strategy and the Strategic Projects Team said, “The NHS is a service industry. The clue is in the title. It’s a health service. It’s time to put the S back into the NHS. And it needs to provide good quality care to the people it serves.”

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