For Anyone Brave Enough to Admit They’ve Got a Problem There are Plenty of Internet Gambling Addiction Centres in the UK

Addiction help centres

Admitting you’ve got a problem is the hardest part with any addiction. Gambling addiction is a hard one to admit to because it seems we’re hard wired to gamble in our every day lives. Every day, many of the decisions we make are a gamble of one type or another. It could be an obvious gamble such as investing your savings in Forex. Or it could be something a little more hidden such as trying a new recipe for dinner. Each type of gamble has the potential to backfire which means that when a decision goes will we feel good, pleased with ourselves and proud of the success. If it all goes a bit wrong then we pick ourselves up and try, try, try again.

As humans, our brains are finely tuned to reward risk with positive emotions. Otherwise we would have been unable to move forward, striving for innovation and success. And for many of us, the bigger the risk, the higher the emotional reward. This may all seem very positive, but such a mechanism can also backfire catastrophically. Compulsive gamblers, for example, can throw away thousands of pounds in a few short hours, chasing the rush of a big win. When a gamble pays off, the euphoria is so exhilarating that it becomes a craving. When an internet gambling bet goes bad, it will feel like the only answer is to make another bet.

Casinos understand this human failing only too well and are perfectly designed to capitalise on it. The roller-coaster ride that can be experienced when playing at a casino can be highly engaging and potentially lead to a problem addiction.

In the UK, there are several hundred thousand ‘problem gamblers’, from all walks of like and every age group. Thankfully, there are a number of avenues gamblers can choose to take for help with their addiction. One is to get in touch with a UK Addiction Treatment Centre, of which there are several dotted around the country:

Sanctuary Lodge

Set in the heart of Essex, this facility is the UK’s most cutting edge addiction treatment centres. The country’s most experienced and respected addiction treatment counsellors and practitioners are based here. Close to London it’s access for patients from the UK and well as further afield. This clinic was founded and is operated by people in long-term recovery. The clinic is CQC registered and free aftercare is provided for a 12 month period after treatment is completed.

Recovery Lighthouse

This internet gambling addiction centre is located in a quiet west Sussex residential street and offers a caring, welcoming and safe environment where addicts can receive support and care. The staff include respected and highly trained addiction treatment practitioners who have a long history of supporting addicts in their recovery. Also CQC registered and able to provide 12 months free after care.

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is located in Guildford and provides recovering addicts with a comfortable, attractive and homely treatment centre with some fantastic facilities. One on one care is available, bespoke care planning, a gym and extended care if needed. This is another UK Addiction Treatment Centre that’s CGC registered.

Liberty House

This fully furbished drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation facility is set in a quiet and picturesque Luton suburb. There are 18 beds, recreational facilities, large grounds and fully trained staff. Services include a medically monitored detox and a fully comprehensive rehabilitation programme addressing the whole body.

Oasis Bradford

Originally commissioned by the Department of Health, Oasis Communities Bradford was built in 2009. It’s the only detox unit of its kind in est Yorkshire. There are 17 beds and the unit is equipped to accommodate people with limited mobility and wheelchair users. Located close to Bradford city centre it can be reached by car, on foot and public transport as it is only a five minute drive to the motorway. It is able to offer onward referral into Oasis’ network of rehabs.

Oasis Runcorn

A unique addiction treatment centre offering two programmes. There is the 12 step programme and Oasis Strengths programme. Both options are delivered within the therapeutic environment. The centre is able to provide bespoke treatment and care depending on individual needs. Treatment packages are available for 4,8,12 and 24 weeks, with group therapy, one on one sessions and a range of psychosocial and therapeutic activities.

It has been found that gambling addiction is often accompanies by drug and alcohol dependency. Reports suggest that up to 33% of gambling addicts reported alcoholism. And more than one third of young gambling addicts report heavy use of illicit drugs or alcohol. Gambling addiction is also often accompanied by psychological disorders, such as anxiety, insomnia and depression. Which is why getting help at an internet gambling addiction centre in the UK is a sensible choice as it can provide an all round solution and comprehensive support.