ASP transfers to Serco

The transfer of NHS support services organisation, Anglia Support Partnership, to its new owner, Serco, took place on 16 April. The new four-year agreement, valued at £120m, enables existing ASP customers and all NHS organisations across the Midlands and East to access services, while also creating scope for the future growth with potential additional services such as commissioning advice and related support services as well as consultancy and patient administration. Dr Attila Vegh, Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (ASP’s former host), said: “We consider Serco to be the ideal strategic partner and one that can offer the investment that’s vital to keep ASP’s services at the cutting edge. Capitalising on the strengths and track record of ASP, we are looking forward to seeing Serco modernise systems and invest in infrastructure, while seizing other opportunities for growing the business”.

Anglia Support Partnership transfers to Serco

Serco, the international service company, has secured the future of a Cambridgeshire-based NHS shared services organisation. Anglia Support Partnership (ASP), which currently employs about 600 people across the east of England, will be run by Serco from 16 April 2012 in a £120million four-year contract.

Final plans for ASP

Mobilisation plans have been swinging into action since Serco was announced as preferred bidder for Anglia Support Partnership in December last year. The transfer is scheduled for 1 April, so Serco has been working closely to engage with staff to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. As well as getting to know staff, Serco and ASP have been proactively meeting with as many customers as possible, before the go-live date, to bring them up to date with developments, and demonstrate the benefits that the new arrangement will bring.

Serco and ASP plan for their future

They have been delighted to support Anglia Support Partnership as it searches for a new strategic partner, and were pleased to announce, before Christmas, that Serco had been selected as remaining single bidder. The selection process is now in its final stages, and the Invitation to Submit Final Solutions phase is now complete. An evaluation report has been prepared and the Full Business Case issued to ASP’s seven Partner organisations, with the expectation that their boards will give their approval by 29 February. A workshop took place on 14 February, for managers from ASP, its Partners and Serco. The purpose was to agree a transition plan to ensure leads are clear of their roles and responsibilities and that all key tasks and milestones are identified, scheduled and monitored.

Serco announced as remaining single bidder

Serco has been announced as single remaining bidder in the search for a new strategic partner for Anglia Support Partnership. The company still has to make its ISFS (Invitation to Submit Final Solutions) submission, definitively articulating its proposals for ASP’s future, which it must do by 19 January. Serco and Sodexo (the other remaining bidder) submitted their Invitation to Submit Detailed Solutions (ISDS) bids on 28 November and the quality of both proposals was excellent.  Sodexo has been appointed reserve bidder for the final proposals, should Serco’s submission not match expectations. They will be working with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (which is ASP’s host) on preparing the full business case. This will demonstrate how the procurement provides the best route through which this dynamic organisation can best place itself to strategically meet the needs of its customers.

ASP meets the bidders

Staff members had the opportunity to ‘meet the bidders’ at two days of roadshows. On 19 and 26 October, Serco and Sodexo gave presentations to an estimated 50% of ASP staff, talking them through their organisations’ experiences and ethos. The two were also hoping to demonstrate how they could add value to ASP and, if chosen as its strategic partner, help it fulfil its future business objectives.

ASP advances

On 14 September, bidders had the opportunity to take part in dialogue sessions with the project team, and advisors. This was the second of three waves of meetings. Following this dialogue, the bidders requested the opportunity to have further discussion with each Partner organisation individually. Alongside the dialogue process, bidders have been meeting with ASP Head of Service managers to increase their understanding of the business. There has also been the opportunity for an ‘exchange visit’, with ASP managers visiting bidders’ sites to see how they work, and their ethos.

The Invitation to Submit Detailed Solutions (ISDS)

Good progress is being made in the search for a new strategic partner for ASP. The Invitation to Submit Detailed Solutions (ISDS) was issued to the shortlisted bidders on 11 July and the first of three stages of dialogue has taken place this month. The bidders are now in the process of meeting with key ASP staff, and will be having conversations with a selection of customers to talk through their experiences of ASP.

Four shortlisted in the search for a strategic partner for ASP

NHS shared support services provider, Anglia Support Partnership (ASP), has reached an exciting key milestone in its search for a new strategic partner. Four organisations have been shortlisted to go through to the next stage in the procurement process, after they satisfactorily evidenced their suitability as a partner and outlined how they would help ASP grow its business. The four organisations shortlisted are:
  1. Capita Business Services Limited
  2. MITIE Group PLC
  3. Serco
  4. Sodexo Limited
The four shortlisted organisations are now being given the opportunity to take part in the Invitation to Submit Detailed Solutions (ISDS) stage of the procurement, where they have to describe fully their plans for ASP, should they be successful. The ISDS invitations were issued on 11 July.

Progress with Anglia Support Partnership

Eight organisations were shortlisted following the submissions of PQQs in April. The PQQ contained over 100 questions, testing organisations’ capability and capacity around finance, legal, organisational structure and commercial criteria. An Invitation to Submit Outline Solutions (ISOS) was issued on 9 May to the eight organisations shortlisted through April’s PQQ. The ISOS stage further tests the eligibility of potential strategic partners, in particular their initial proposals relating to the project. To help them prepare their ISOS submissions, initial bidder dialogue meetings were held with all eight bidders on 16 and 17 May. This involved individual meetings with the project steering group which comprises representatives from the SPT, legal and financial advisors and key ASP personnel. These meetings allowed bidders, via discussion, to get further information on ASP, its activities and contracts. The deadline for ISOS submissions was 6 June, and these are currently being evaluated.

Anglia Support Partnership seeks strategic partner

NHS shared support services provider, Anglia Support Partnership (ASP), is seeking a strategic partner from either the private or public sector, to maximise future business opportunities following a strategic review of its business with stakeholders.

OJEU notice issued (8 March)

The final green light was given to begin the search for a new strategic partner for Anglia Support Partnership (ASP) when, on 21 February, the Steering Group held its inaugural meeting and approved the project plan. The OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) notice was issued on 8 March formally advertising to the market that ASP is looking for a new strategic partner. The opportunity is also being advertised on the Supply2Health website. These changes offer ASP and the market exciting opportunities to grow the business and the potential for service investment.